Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarkar Ruined

Warning: You are adviced to read this article after you have seen the movie Sarkar Raj as it might spoil your viewing experience. Thanks Raman for pointing this out.

Got to watch the much hyped Sarkar Raj on the very day of its release. All of us were eagerly waiting for it and had very high expectations from Ramgopal Verma bacause of his earlier classic Sarkar. Though Ramu has finely took the sequel off exactly where the original Sarkar left, yet it becomes slower and slower as it moves ahead.

After the death of Shankar (Abhishek) in the part after the interval, the movie appears more like a detective serial much like CID on Sony or the Byomkesh Bakshi in the old DD days, where Amitabh ‘cleverly’ solves the ‘Shankar Murder Case’.

Anita Rajan (Aishwarya), who comes all the way from London to explore a business opportunity (not like the Quest or Amway J) in Maharashtra, obviously doesn’t know about the political equations there. But all of a sudden, when Sarkar unwinds the plot to her, she understands everything and almost gets into the thinking of Sarkar family. So much so that she doesn’t even have the emotions to mourn the death of her father, who’s just been shot dead by the very Sarkar’s men in London.

Surprisingly, Shankar the crown prince is killed in the movie. As soon as one gets the feeling that Shankar’s wife dies to make the way for Anita to come into his life, he is contract-killed. One wonders why on earth Shankar and Anita didn’t just sit down after the first bullet is shot into his body. He “magnanimously” allows all the bullets into his chest while Anita turns into horrified yet clueless spectator.

Throughout the movie all the talkative characters appear to be throwing their words of wisdom at every opportunity including Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Prabhawalkar. Sayaji Shinde’s role was a pain to watch. All these performances leave Sarkar Raj much inferior than the original Sarkar.

It was a pity that Chander, who was shown as the General of Sarkar’s private army, and has a major role in the success of the movie Sarkar, is shown as a traitor. If likes Chander are not loyal, then whom should we trust in the next Sarkar?

In the end, Sarkar calls for his grandson “Chiku” asap, followed by Aishwarya’s command for “ek cup chai”, leaving much hint about the next part of Sarkar. Let’s hope Ramu learns from the disaster called Sarkar Raj and produces something better next time.


Tushar said...

Nice Review!!!!

Thanks for saving our hardly earned money and time. :)

Rams said...

This post has too many plot spoilers, without warning! Everyone has a right to watch the movie without readign spoiler first, like you did ;)
Even if the movie had been very great, nobody could have enjoyed it after reading your spoiler post.

Kay mhanto baki, how's life?


Ben said...

I think all together this really good Movie produce By Ramu as compared with Ramu ke Shole or Aag.

abhinav said...

yes it was really spoiler blog...
i was lucky to watch the movie b4 reading it...
u have every right to criticise it, but i liked it...
in sarkar, " silence" speaks more than words but here " crispy dialogues about politics" create almost similar impact..
in sarkar, storyline becomes much more predictable due to similarity with Godfather but in sarkarraj it is much more original & maharashtrianised, with shocking value..
so it's worthwatching...