Thursday, August 16, 2012

Airtel MCA (Missed Call Alerts) Woes

I was surprised to find out that Airtel doesn't provide the Missed Called Alerts (MCA) for 'busy' condition. 

Typically, an MCA is sent for the following 3 conditions. 
1. Mobile out of reach
2. Mobile switched off
3. Mobile busy

I checked with Tata Docomo and BSNL. Both work for all the above 3 conditions. But not airtel. 
Airtel fails to work on BUSY condition. 

When i contacted airtel several times through emails and twitter, they instead suggested to activate call waiting. 
(I already have call waiting option enabled since the 1st day of sim activation nearly 6 years ago. )

Activating CW (call waiting) is a different thing than the MCA. I have the following two observations regarding the suggestion. 
1. The MCA should work in case the CW is off. 
2. Even when CW is activated, we do miss calls in "ringing" condition i.e. when then call has not yet connected. 

The following questions arise on airtel's service. 
1. Is airtel using outdated technology for their MCA service?
2. Why should we get incomplete service from airtel when BSNL is providing it fully and that too for free, and tata docomo for less than half of what airtel is charging? 

I request airtel to work towards fixing this issue. 

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