Monday, March 31, 2008

But the ACs are on, sir!

I'm really fed up with the cliché mentioned in the title.

After hearing these words for years together, I've come to the conclusion that we, as a society, lack AC sense.

Whenever I raise this issue, people often try to tone me down by asking me whether I use AC at home too. But unfortunately for them, I’m a proud owner of an AC that I won in a TV contest some five years ago, which I’d otherwise not have bought. (These kinds of weird arguments continue to go on in our society. E.g. If you want to insist on speaking, say, Marathi instead of English, you are praised by everyone but only if you know English in the first place; otherwise you will be ridiculed)

So wouldn’t I have any right to protest against bad air conditioning if I don’t have an AC at home?

You’ll find ample of poor air-conditioning examples at almost all the places you visit viz. Hotels, Restaurants, Discos, Offices, Cinema halls, Trains and so on. The first reply to your complaint or protest is nothing but the same “The ACs are on sir.”

In most of the offices, the centralized ACs function badly. It might be chilling in one corner while sweating in the other corner, and people are least bothered about it. Often in meeting rooms you will find people crying to have the ACs switched off. The result is ten people suffocate in a closed meeting room, meant for five, thanks to the switched off ACs.

The most important thing people don’t understand is that the issue is more of air circulation than the “cooling” caused by ACs. I won’t mind if you keep all the windows open and just put fans in the office. AC is not at all required for good circulation of air, except for a couple of really hot months in the summer.

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