Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BBC Says
Under the new rules, no-one will be able to send more than 100 texts in a day, officials say.
I usually hear from most of the people that how great the likes of BBC/CNN are; how the editorials in IE are the best; or the language in IE is easier to understand than the TOI; or how TOI is sold just for pictures; or the Hindu is best when one is preparing for civil services exams; and blah and blah. 

The above claims might well be true or otherwise, but almost all the people who support these claims do so as loose talks and without any study or experience; and it's all just loose talk and hearsay

Go through the bbc link above to understand what i mean. 
The article claims that no-one will be able to send more than 100 sms in a day. 
Does bbc know that there are two categories for mobile subscribers viz. postpaid and prepaid? 

How could they miss the important point about postpaid users? 
In the case of post-paid telephone numbers, the access provider shall not permit more than 3,000 SMSes per SIM per month, the Trai recommendations had said.
Read the entire article from an Indian newspaper here

If you want to praise the BBC or likes, do it on your own experience or other trusted sources and talk substance, not hearsay. 

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