Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Telangana on 26th January?

Whenever a state is created, the people in the new state find an opportunity to have an additional holiday in the form of --State Day. 
e.g. Maharashtra day: 1st May
Uttar Pradesh Day: 14th November (not sure whether it's public holiday)

Additional holiday means no banking, no work in govt offices, no work at municipality etc. 
Moreover, people tend to take additional leaves from work if this particular state day is close to weekend. 
In all, a huge loss and inconvenience to the nation. 

I urge the govt at the center to consider forming the state of Telangana ONLY on a national holiday especially 26th Jan is around the corner. 

We should make a policy that whenever a new state is created, it MUST be created on national holidays viz. 26th Jan, 15th Aug, and 2nd Oct. 

This move will take care of preventing an additional holiday!