Monday, November 13, 2017

Sins of Telcos

No wonder Jio is royally taking them for a ride

1. CLI@Rs. 50 (older days)
2. SMS Blackout - A cheap way to rob the cx on back to back blackout days
3. Chargeable missed call alerts
4. Auto-activation of stupid VAS - A major fraud
5. 10p/10kb - You know what I am saying
6. Rs. 250'ish for 1GB data even as late as early 2017
7. "Surfing is free, download is chargeable, Sir" i.e. "Live" portals
8. Auto download of games charged at Rs. 99/199 etc
9. Roaming SMS at Rs. 3.45/-
10. Zero innovation

Thursday, August 25, 2016

JioFi Device: Many niggles

I recently started using JioFi device (bought for Rs. 2899 from Reliance Digital Mini)
It worked flawlessly for first week or so. But now it's showing symptoms of tiredness. 

First Impression: Jio looks very promising. The fact that it is/will-be available across multiple bands is going to be a game changer.
I also liked that fact that someone finally thought to use Indian name for their brand. Well done! 

Though the device is sleek and powerful, it looks very cheap and doesn't look worth the price. It's a different matter that it comes bundled with the "preview" offer which makes it more attractive. 

Customer Care; The amusing thing about the customer care in India for any telecom operator is they are consistently poor. Jio is also not an exception. 
Years ago, I used to be very angry on their dumb responses and talks, but now I have got used to it. There is no use shouting as in any case the chances are that you won't get any help beyond a certain point. 

Performance: When on song, it really works well and most of the sites open in seconds. I also got over 20 Mbps speed consistently for the first week. It automatically selected Band 40 (I don't know whether it's good or bad, anyway)

1. No Auto-Start: Since I permanently keep it switched-on, I don't use the battery. The problem is whenever there is a power outage even for a minute I need to "start" the device each time. Why can't we get something like an Auto-Start feature? 

2. DNS: There is no way to change the DNS settings. Sorry you can't use Google's DNS or OpenDNS. 

3. Firmware: In the JioFi control panel, there is an option to update the firmware where it asks for a file to be uploaded. But where do we get the file? Not even the customer care knows. 

4. Some sites like simply fail to open on JioFi (atleast the one that I am using). A friend however reported that he is able to open it with his JioFi device. After a couple of restarts, those sites, including started working. Very strange. 

5. Opera mini: I observed that typically in the evening and night, Opera Mini simply fails to load pages on Jio network. What could be the reason? 

6. JioJoin App: The most promising app in the Jio fold. 
But unfortunately, I have not been able to connect to JioJoin on my spare phone which is an imported, Verizon-locked CDMA phone. Ideally JioJoin should work on ALL android handsets. The only toast message I get is that the device is not allowed to use JioJoin. As expected, the customer care is unaware about it. 

Anyway, all these niggles need to be addressed before Reliance Jio can boast about the Digital Life! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maha2014 Constituency wise live results

Here is a quick reference to all the MH Constituencies. Created with simple notepad++ and regex.
Ahmednagar City
Akola East
Akola West
Andheri East
Andheri West
Anushakti Nagar
Aurangabad central
Aurangabad East
Aurangabad West
Bhandup West
Bhiwandi East
Bhiwandi Rural (S.T.)
Bhiwandi West
Dhamamgaon railway
Dhule City
Dhule Rural
Ghatkopar East
Ghatkopar West
Jalgaon (Jamod)
Jalgaon City
Jalgaon Rural
Jogeshwari East
Kalyan East
Kalyan Rural
Kalyan West
Kandivali East
Karad North
Karad South
Karjat jamkhed
Kasba peth
Khed alandi
Kolhapur North
Kolhapur South
Latur City
Latur Rural
Malabar hill
Malad West
Malegaon central
Malegaon outer
Mankhurd shivaji Nagar
Mira Bhayandar
Nagpur central
Nagpur East
Nagpur North
Nagpur South
Nagpur South West
Nagpur West
Nanded North
Nanded South
Nashik central
Nashik East
Nashik West
Ovala - Majiwada
Pune cantonment
Sindkhed Raja
Sion koliwada
Solapur City central
Solapur City North
Solapur South
Tasgaon-Kavathe Mahankal
Vandre East
Vandre West
Vile parle

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birla Sun Life Flood of Spam Calls

Birla Sun Life just demonstrated a gang-spam when they called me from multiple phone numbers multiple times. 

Here are the details: 

Calls from Birla sun life: 
Date: 23-April-2013

Details: (Number; Time)
9324331121; 17:27:23
9324331121; 17:27:36
02232260259; 17:27:45
02232260259; 17:28:40
02232260258; 17:28:47
02232260258; 17:29:35
02232260258; 17:31:38

I have reported all of them to the DND service (1909). 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why Modi? Why TOI?

See how cleverly TOI replaced "But why is he silent..." to "But he has thus he has thus far remained silent...". Dear TOI, people are not fools. They understand your intentions, tone, and language you use deliberately. 

The first screenshot is from the ePaper of TOI-Pune. Page 9 on 11th Oct 2012

The second screenshot is for the same news item, but from the online edition. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Airtel MCA (Missed Call Alerts) Woes

I was surprised to find out that Airtel doesn't provide the Missed Called Alerts (MCA) for 'busy' condition. 

Typically, an MCA is sent for the following 3 conditions. 
1. Mobile out of reach
2. Mobile switched off
3. Mobile busy

I checked with Tata Docomo and BSNL. Both work for all the above 3 conditions. But not airtel. 
Airtel fails to work on BUSY condition. 

When i contacted airtel several times through emails and twitter, they instead suggested to activate call waiting. 
(I already have call waiting option enabled since the 1st day of sim activation nearly 6 years ago. )

Activating CW (call waiting) is a different thing than the MCA. I have the following two observations regarding the suggestion. 
1. The MCA should work in case the CW is off. 
2. Even when CW is activated, we do miss calls in "ringing" condition i.e. when then call has not yet connected. 

The following questions arise on airtel's service. 
1. Is airtel using outdated technology for their MCA service?
2. Why should we get incomplete service from airtel when BSNL is providing it fully and that too for free, and tata docomo for less than half of what airtel is charging? 

I request airtel to work towards fixing this issue. 

Thursday, April 05, 2012

PC to giyo! (ala Thakur to giyo from Karan-Arjun)

So, Sheela Bhatt (@sheela2010) has the following to say: 

I don’t mean to say that IE scoop is not based on facts but, the fact is atmosphere in Delhi is very much vitiated. Must share this info.
My friend and senior journalist Virendra Kapoor had alerted me two months back that the intelligence agencies want to “plant” a story against army chief general V.K.Singh.
He told me the storyline, that the Home ministry guys want to plant, is that how Gen. Singh wanted to stage the coup against UPA government but... the top brass in the Army is not ready to join Gen.Singh.... He had insisted that I should double-check.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Internet: according to Congress nomenclature

I can't resist to post an sms joke i received last month.  

What would the Internet be called if Congress decides to rename it?

"Shrimati Sonia Gandhi Antarrashtriya Mahajaal (or Maayajaal?)"

["श्रीमती सोनिया गांधी आंतरराष्ट्रीय महाजाल"]

"दिव्य" चे मराठी अगदीच दिव्य आहे

"बयाण" म्हणजे काय रे भाऊ? 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Poor reporting by WSJ

Dear WSJ, look beyond US. We have different circles (service areas) across the country for the porpose of mobile telephony. 

In an earlier post I had written about how our people have blind faith on all that is "phaarein". 

Here comes WSJ:

The author Romit Guha is not even aware what the fuss is all about. The fact is that Indian govt has said that intra-circle roaming is illegal where the operators don't have license. 
Try finding the word "intra" in the article; 0 count. 

The person who doesn't even know there is a difference between intra circle and inter circle 3G roaming and he simply enforces his sweeping opinion on the readers. 

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This IE sucks too

This was the major development in 2G scam earlier in the day today. 
But at 6.30 pm, I can hardly see any news items in the media. 

Let's take the Indian Express screenshot for the top stories today. 
Did anyone recall what the indian express logo says?

Same is the case with TOI. The news is not there in the top headlines as of 6.30 pm today. 

Do you think that our media has censored it? Let me know your views. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Telangana on 26th January?

Whenever a state is created, the people in the new state find an opportunity to have an additional holiday in the form of --State Day. 
e.g. Maharashtra day: 1st May
Uttar Pradesh Day: 14th November (not sure whether it's public holiday)

Additional holiday means no banking, no work in govt offices, no work at municipality etc. 
Moreover, people tend to take additional leaves from work if this particular state day is close to weekend. 
In all, a huge loss and inconvenience to the nation. 

I urge the govt at the center to consider forming the state of Telangana ONLY on a national holiday especially 26th Jan is around the corner. 

We should make a policy that whenever a new state is created, it MUST be created on national holidays viz. 26th Jan, 15th Aug, and 2nd Oct. 

This move will take care of preventing an additional holiday!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BBC Says
Under the new rules, no-one will be able to send more than 100 texts in a day, officials say.
I usually hear from most of the people that how great the likes of BBC/CNN are; how the editorials in IE are the best; or the language in IE is easier to understand than the TOI; or how TOI is sold just for pictures; or the Hindu is best when one is preparing for civil services exams; and blah and blah. 

The above claims might well be true or otherwise, but almost all the people who support these claims do so as loose talks and without any study or experience; and it's all just loose talk and hearsay

Go through the bbc link above to understand what i mean. 
The article claims that no-one will be able to send more than 100 sms in a day. 
Does bbc know that there are two categories for mobile subscribers viz. postpaid and prepaid? 

How could they miss the important point about postpaid users? 
In the case of post-paid telephone numbers, the access provider shall not permit more than 3,000 SMSes per SIM per month, the Trai recommendations had said.
Read the entire article from an Indian newspaper here

If you want to praise the BBC or likes, do it on your own experience or other trusted sources and talk substance, not hearsay. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRAI is genius!

Useless exercise by TRAI.
There is no distinction between telemarketers and the parties you do business with.
e.g. if i would like to receive transaction alerts from the website where i have transacted online; then i must enable the entire category i.e. Consumer goods and automobiles.
To receive alerts from banks, i must enable category 1 i.e banking/insurance/cards etc.

It clearly exposes TRAI's bankrupt mind.

I recalled a joke where a doctor asks a patient to remove all her clothes just to be able to show her ailing knee!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I ditched Airtel (mobile)

1. "Unbilled amount" misused too much for GPRS; i.e. if you were to comsume all the allotted quota of 2GB, they would show Rs. 30000 as unbilled amount. Not to say that your credit limit is damned. This would also cause problems while porting out, converting from postpaid to prepaid, and closure of account.
2. Buggy MCA (Missed Call Alert): Try calling your own airtel number and you'll know what i'm saying.
3. Very expensive 3G plans; so again there is scope for exploiting the customers under the name of unbilled amount. Recently they reduced post-quota usage charges for postpaid to 3p/10kB but it's still costly i.e. Rs. 3/MB
4. No visibility on 3G data packs: There is no way we could know the remaining data balance either for GPRS or 3G.
5. Incompetent CSAs (Customer Service Agents): One such CSA told me that Missed Call Alerts have nothing to do with Call Divert functionality. I asked her several times to give it in writing but she didn't. Funny.
Most of the times the CSAs try as much as possible to avoid providing a complaint number; it's not professional.
6. Website: Not able to activate/deactivate services online.
7. Airtel Live fraud: Yes it's a fraud. By default, it's not mobile office, but airtel live which is active as an access point on your sim. You have to explicitly change the access point to in order to get the benefit of Rs. 98/2GB pack. If you don't do it, you are pissed. Moreover, you will get to know this ONLY after the bill is generated as the unbilled amount will grow insanely both for airtel live as well as
8. Sim services: Sim services like all the services under Airtel Live are like landmines. Click this and lose Rs. 50; click that and you lose Rs. 99. My mother-in-law got a bill in excess of Rs. 2000 (as against her average bill of 300-400) just because of these "landmines". When i checked the itemized bill i saw numerous game downloads. Airtel refused to refund. 
9. I had bought an additionl (prepaid) sim just to try their 3G services. It took 10 long days and numerous calls to activate simple GPRS. (Actually GPRS is always active by default on all numbers but in this case they had some problem in their backend. ). I also faced several balance deductions for no reason. This added to the woes.

I also know that all these things are done by almost all the operators all the time. This was just an attempt to highlight my concerns that might benefit others.

But there is a good thing about airtel too:
While going through different forums and complaint websites, i came to know that the rejection ratio for MNP requests is very high. Especially i had read about airtel rejecting the requests on any reason they liked or for no reason at all. Some reasons: Legal issue, Contractual obligation (i.e CUG (i don't understand where is the contract), Bundled offer etc), non-payment of unbilled amount (WTF), wrong UPC code etc.
Aware of all these tricks, i directly called airtel's apellate desk and asked them from refraining from rejecting my request on any stupid reason and warned them that i'd to much bad publicity to them if they dare do it. The lady on phone told me that she'd make special note against my number and there would be no problem while porting out.
I am still not sure whether the same trick worked, but my port out request was cleared by Airtel within less than 4 days. Thanks Airtel!

For those who want to shift their postpaid connections:
1. It doesn't matter whether you are in a CUG or corporate plan. If the number is in your name then you can always port out no matter what.
2. It doesn't matter if you have unbilled amount. You are eligible for porting out as long as you have cleared all previous dues. But make sure that you pay the next bill which is usually generated AFTER you port out.
3. Except handset bundled offer, there is no contractual obligation if the number is in your name and not in the company's name.
4. Request for the UPC code ONLY while filling up the MNP form with the receiver operator, so that you still have 15 days to go before your UPC code expires.
5. IMP: If your operator clears your request before the expiry date of UPC code, then it is OK even if the actual activation from new operator goes beyond the UPC expiry date. (Not understood? Read again. )

P.S. I have moved to tata docomo. The bible (not in religious terms) of Tata Docomo seems to be very good, but the interpretation is lack of faith. (;-O)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First run first served basis!

"Dhoot flashed the ID card of Rajkumar Dhoot who is his brother and member of parliament and also member of some telecom committee in parliament," Balwa's counsel Majid Memon said in the special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court.

"Because of this he was given preference and entered the Department of Telecom (DoT) first and hence got the license," he told the special court presided over by Judge O.P. Saini.

So the point was to somehow make sure that you enter into the Department of Telecom first!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Simple javascript explanation of Monty Hall's game show problem

I have created a simple javascript program that will demonstrate how you can increase your probability of winning in the "Monty Hall's Let's Make A Deal game show"

 <script type="text/javascript">  
      var samplesize = 1000;  // Sample size
      var shuffle = function(v){  
           for(var j, x, i = v.length; i; j = parseInt(Math.random() * i), x = v[--i], v[i] = v[j], v[j] = x);  
           return v;  
      var a=[0,0,1]  

      var randomIndex;  
      var randomIndex1,randomIndex2,randomIndex3;  
      var randomDraw;  
      var result="";  
      var switched=0;  
      var won=0;  
      var switchedAndWon = 0;  
      var switchedAndLost=0;  
      var keptAndWon=0;  
      var keptAndLost=0;  
      var hasswitched;  
      var haswon;  
      for(var i=0; i<samplesize; i++){  
           // Step 1: Shuffle it first  
           a = shuffle(a);  
           // Step 2: Your first draw:   
           randomIndex1 = Math.floor(Math.random()*3);  
           randomDraw = a[randomIndex1];  
           // Step 3: Monty's draw:   
           randomIndex2 = -1;  
           while(randomIndex2 == randomIndex1 || randomIndex2 == -1 || a[randomIndex2] == 1){  
                randomIndex2 = Math.floor(Math.random()*3);  
           randomDraw = a[randomIndex2];  
           // Step 4: Your second draw:   
           randomIndex3 = -1;  
           while(randomIndex3 == randomIndex2 || randomIndex3 == -1){  
                randomIndex3 = Math.floor(Math.random()*3);  
           randomDraw = a[randomIndex3];  
           // Step 5: Now calculate  
           hasswitched = (randomIndex1 != randomIndex3);  
           haswon = randomDraw;  
           if(hasswitched && haswon){  
           }else if(hasswitched && !haswon){  
           }else if(!hasswitched && haswon){  
           }else if(!hasswitched && !haswon){  
           //Push the results:  
           result += "["+String(a)+"] You: "+randomIndex1+", Monty: "+randomIndex2+", You: "+randomIndex3+"(switched: "+(randomIndex1 != randomIndex3)+")<br/>";  
      //document.write("<br/>switchedAndWon = "+switchedAndWon+" of total "+samplesize+" results");  
      document.write("<br/>switchedAndWon = "+switchedAndWon+" (There! Almost twice of keptAndWon)");  
      document.write("<br/>switchedAndLost = "+switchedAndLost);  
      document.write("<br/>keptAndWon = "+keptAndWon);  
      document.write("<br/>keptAndLost = "+keptAndLost);  

I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Get Buzz feed into Facebook via feedburner

Many people simultaneously use multiple social networking sites like twitter, facebook, google buzz, orkut etc.  I too use most of such sites. 

But gradually it becomes really painful of keep track of each and every site and you end up concentrating more on one particular site while ignoring others. 

While Buzz allows you to import your feeds from twitter, blogs etc; it doesn't have any option to import facebook wall posts. 
On the other hand, though facebook does allow you to import feeds of your own blog, it doesn't allow you to import Buzz feeds which is quite irksome for a user like me who uses Buzz heavily and want all my buzzes to be reflected on Facebook wall. 

Thankfully, feedburner and facebook's notes come to your rescue. 

Follow these steps to import your google buzz posts into facebook notes (and in turn, facebook wall)

1. Generate google buzz feeds using the following url{user}/public/posted

2. Login to using your google login and burn (the way they call it) the above feed. Feedburner will create a public feed url something like

3. Login to facebook and click on notes in the left manu. 
4. In facebook notes, click on "Edit import settings". 

5. On the next page, enter the feedburner url and click on Start Importing. 
Note that for some reason, facebook doesn't allow direct import of Buzz feeds from That is why we have to "burn" the feeds using feedburner. 

6. Click on Confirm Importing after you successfully preview the imported posts. 

Now click on either notes or your facebook wall and you'll see that all your buzz posts imported there. 

Monday, June 06, 2011

Nostalgia 1997

As India is going to play its first ODI (I'm least interested in the series as there is neither Tendulkar nor Sehwag) with WI today, i quickly recalled that the tour was broadcast live by ESPN and the lyrics went like this:

"Pepsi presents India on tour, Calypso series; 
in association with
Hero Honda, leading the way!
Thomson, the bigger picture, the better picture!
and Anubhav group, the people care for the environment!"

Anyone recalling this? 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beware of ICICI QAB Charges

ICICI charged me Rs. 827 last week for not maintaining Rs. 10k as QAB (Quarterly Average Balance). 
I am republishing the email i received from icici bank for all of you so that you don't commit the mistakes that i did. There are many hidden aspects to it as seen in the below email.

Dear Mr. Deshpande,

I appreciate you getting in touch with us for clarification on the debit of Rs. 827.00 in your account.

This is to confirm you that the amount of Rs. 827.00 debited from your account on January 19, 2010 towards the charges for non-maintenance of Quarterly Average Balance (QAB) in your account for the quarter ended October 01, 2010 to December 31, 2010

The account that you hold is a ‘General Savings Account’ for which the Average Quarterly Balance to be maintained is Rs. 10000. However the Average Quarterly Balance maintained during that period in your account was Rs. 9945.33

For your reference, please find below the calculation of average quarterly balance
The closing balance in your account on each day for that quarter is added.
The added balance is divided by the number of days in that quarter.
 If the resulting amount is less than Rs. 10000, then charges are levied in your account.
The charge for non-maintenance of QAB is Rs. 750.
In addition to the above charges, the below transaction charges are also applicable for General Savings Account: 
For every new cheque book you request, Rs.5 per leaf will be charged.
The first three cash transactions (withdrawals or deposits) at the branch in a quarter will be free of charge and thereafter Rs.60 per transaction will be charged.
Please also note that Service Tax of 10.30% on the service charges is also applicable on all the above charges.

Should you require further clarification on this, please feel free to get in touch with me, I will be glad to assist you.


Md Sirajuddin
Account Manager
ICICI Bank Limited

"If you receive an SMS from ICICI Bank with a Unique Reference Number or URN without you having added a new payee in your account through internet banking, report to us immediately. Do not disclose the URN to any stranger, even if the person claims to be our employee"

"Please do not reply to any e-mail that asks you for your bank-account-related information / details. These are called phishing e-mails and are designed with intent to fraudulently capture your bank account and personal details for misuse etc."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Negative time

Science community often wonders:
"why time seems to flow in one direction but not in the other, even though the laws of physics are time symmetric?"

I wonder: 
"why i can eat only positive amount of food, even though the laws of physics are food symmetric (i.e. if you plot food amount on an axis)?"

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ponting looks like going Steve Waugh's way!

Ricky Ponting has really been struggling for the last 2 years. 
He averages just under 38 during last 2 years and that has also brought down his overall average to under 54 now. 
With just 2 centuries in 2 years, he is about to become the only 2nd Australian captain to lose three ashes series.
Time for ACB to axe him!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

We want Google Instant in chrome address bar

Now that Google has launched Google Instant on its India domain as well, I was just thinking that it was of very little use to me personally.

I rely heavily on Google Deskbar (which has been discontinued by Google in a very unfortunate move) and Chrome address bar to search google (or others like ebay, wikipedia etc for that matter) and in both of these options, there is hardly any use of google instant.

Since Google Deskbar has been discontinued by Google, there is no point expecting the Instant feature to be integrated in it. But we have a "happening" Chrome address bar, and chrome is only getting better with time.

I expect Google will certainly add the instant search feature to the chrome address bar in the near future.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rupee symbol rocks!

Image courtesy:

New Rupee looks promosing, and I'm sure it'll be a great hit.

How to crash google chrome?

1. Install Espn Cricinfo Extension for Google Chrome.
2. Open the cricinfo popup by clicking its extension.
3. While the extension window is open, press Ctrl+Alt+W (The shortcut I use to launch wordweb dictionary)
4. Whoa!...

Friday, July 09, 2010

IRDA sharing investor's contact info?

I just received a call from the number +911149400800, and the telemarketer (caller) told that he was speaking on behalf of ICICI Prudential.
Before he could complete his first sentence, I told him that i wasn't interested in any of his product, and asked him how he got my number.

He said "IRDA" i.e. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority

Is IRDA sharing or selling our contact info?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

खुल्या गटातील महिलांसाठी राखीव?

Sakal has an amusing item as breaking news.
Rough translation: "Mayor's post/seat of Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipal Corp is reserved for women from open [class]"

This implies that the women from the backward class can't contest for the mayor's post; which is not the case.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

MNP, Raja, and MMS

Enough is enough. Is there any mai-ka-laal who'll call BSNL/MTNL's and A Raja's bluff?
First they have ruined BSNL/MTNL by not allowing them to expand their capacities by frequently scrapping their plans, and now they are delaying the MNP for eternity. The snakes-and-ladders game of MNP has been going on since 2007.
And all this is happening for the benefit of incumbent (longcumbent?) private operators. (Hare tail and yeda phone)
Why can't our omniscient and omnipotent Mister Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh look into this matter? Why can't he stop A Raja from screwing BSNL/MTNL? Or is he himself saying Chalta Hai?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Airtel Hello Tune Fraud, Charged Rs. 120/- for Incoming Call, Refunded Rs. 114/- on Complaint

While reading this article, I remembered that a similar thing had happened to me in January 2007 Airtel bill.

I activated my airtel postpaid number in Oct 2006 and was very happy with the plan and the number.
I remember that when I didn't pay heed to Airtel's numerous sms's and few calls to activate Hello Tunes on my mobile number 9960XXXXXX, they activated a free hello tune (Airtel's own music) on their own. I didn't have any issue as i was not charged for that service.

But I specifically remember that I had got an "incoming" call (from a 10-digit airtel mobile number) on 31st Dec 2006. When I picked the call, I found it was an IVR call and some recorded message for hello tune was playing. As it was an incoming call, I didn't terminate it and continued listening. But after approx 5 mins I got bored and disconnected it.

I was shocked to find in my next bill, an additional charges of Rs. 120/- (see screenshot) just for listening to Airtel's prerecorded message.
This is wrong charge of Rs. 120/-

I immediately called 121 and told them that I never sent such sms's, to which the lady replied that I'd made the call to activate the hello tune (and that never activated because i'd not made the call in the first place :-)). I asked her to show the call entry in my itemised bill but she failed to do so. Yet, she insisted i had to pay the amount as she claimed their system never makes wrong billing. Infuriated, I then threatened her of disconnecting the mobile connection without any further payment, and voila she obliged and gave me a refund of Rs. 114/- (see screenshot). Even if that was Rs. 6 less, I thought it's better than disconnecting the connection.
This is the refund of Rs. 114/-
I wonder how many people have been charged for such "incoming calls" as most of the people don't even see their itemised bills.

Such malpractices are not limited to any one mobile operator. Be aware of your mobile operator.
I've more to write on such malpractices by mobile operators and DTH, bye for now.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


"Yechury clearly said that as Bachan was the brand ambassador of BJP-ruled Gujarat, he cannot be made Kerala's brand ambassador."

What a nonsense reasoning by retarded lefts. Read the article here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Learn typing with Firefox

I’d like to share this simple trick, which would assist you improve your typing speed. I’ve been doing this for the last couple of years.


First of all, make sure that you have checked the option "Search for text when I start typing" in Firefox 3. (Tools>Options>Advanced>General>Accessibility)


Here it goes.

Now just open any web page, or for that matter any page, and start typing whatever you see on the screen without looking down. If you mistype, just press backspace and continue.


You can even load a local txt file, or even a directory stucture to practice.


Awesome, isn’t it?


Drop a comment to tell me whether you liked it or not.

P.S. This also works on Safari, Chrome etc., but Firefox just rocks. 

Friday, August 08, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sarkar Ruined

Warning: You are adviced to read this article after you have seen the movie Sarkar Raj as it might spoil your viewing experience. Thanks Raman for pointing this out.

Got to watch the much hyped Sarkar Raj on the very day of its release. All of us were eagerly waiting for it and had very high expectations from Ramgopal Verma bacause of his earlier classic Sarkar. Though Ramu has finely took the sequel off exactly where the original Sarkar left, yet it becomes slower and slower as it moves ahead.

After the death of Shankar (Abhishek) in the part after the interval, the movie appears more like a detective serial much like CID on Sony or the Byomkesh Bakshi in the old DD days, where Amitabh ‘cleverly’ solves the ‘Shankar Murder Case’.

Anita Rajan (Aishwarya), who comes all the way from London to explore a business opportunity (not like the Quest or Amway J) in Maharashtra, obviously doesn’t know about the political equations there. But all of a sudden, when Sarkar unwinds the plot to her, she understands everything and almost gets into the thinking of Sarkar family. So much so that she doesn’t even have the emotions to mourn the death of her father, who’s just been shot dead by the very Sarkar’s men in London.

Surprisingly, Shankar the crown prince is killed in the movie. As soon as one gets the feeling that Shankar’s wife dies to make the way for Anita to come into his life, he is contract-killed. One wonders why on earth Shankar and Anita didn’t just sit down after the first bullet is shot into his body. He “magnanimously” allows all the bullets into his chest while Anita turns into horrified yet clueless spectator.

Throughout the movie all the talkative characters appear to be throwing their words of wisdom at every opportunity including Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Prabhawalkar. Sayaji Shinde’s role was a pain to watch. All these performances leave Sarkar Raj much inferior than the original Sarkar.

It was a pity that Chander, who was shown as the General of Sarkar’s private army, and has a major role in the success of the movie Sarkar, is shown as a traitor. If likes Chander are not loyal, then whom should we trust in the next Sarkar?

In the end, Sarkar calls for his grandson “Chiku” asap, followed by Aishwarya’s command for “ek cup chai”, leaving much hint about the next part of Sarkar. Let’s hope Ramu learns from the disaster called Sarkar Raj and produces something better next time.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On Oily Surface

The astronomical increase in prices of petroleum products esp. petrol is looming large since last week. The Congress led UPA government at the centre has been in a quandary over the timing of the price increase. It didn't dare to do so till Karnataka elections were over, and now it doesn't have any other option but to go ahead and review the petro prices as the losses of oil companies mount. The funny thing is that the congress has already lost Karnataka, and it's highly prone to face the voters' wrath in the coming general elections.

We must anticipate the fact that the international crude oil prices have crossed $132 per barrel and might well touch $150 a barrel in the coming months, the most intriguing thing is the politicisation of the issue. The oil companies have suffered almost 200000 crore loss (There were quite a few raised eyebrows when the loan taken by Maharashtra Govt crossed Rs. 100000 crore last year) only because the govt's insistence on keeping the petroleum prices under control.

The government should get rid of most part of subsidies in a phased manner. It could always start with petrol, which hardly affects inflation as most of the transport vehicles are run on diesel. It could easily fix the petrol prices as 'Mark to Market'.
Instead the govt. uses other easier options like issuing oil bonds. It's very unfair on part of govt. to pass the burden on future governments.

The other thing that I fail to understand is the heavy advertising by the public sector oil companies. These companies spend crores of rupees daily just to sell their branded products like extra premiums and speed and turbojet diesel. The companies often tie up with banks and credit card companies to push their sell. The need of the hour is certainly not to encourage the sale of petroleum products.
There is hardly any significant competition to these public sector companies. So instead of wasting the money on advertising, they could use it to subsidize the products in rural areas.

It's time for the govt. take bold decisions and phase out all the subsidies on petroleum products including cooking gas and kerosene irrespective of the political compulsions.